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Window, the core of the building | From design to completion, MEDO systematically achieves the core of architecture

Window, the core of the building | From design to completion, MEDO systematically achieves the core of architecture

Window, the core of the building

——Alvaro Siza (Portuguese architect)

Portuguese architect - Alvaro Siza, known as one of the most important contemporary architects.As a master of light expression, Siza's works are rendered all the time by a variety of well-organized lights, both exterior and interior spaces.

windows and doors, as the medium of light, in Siza's eyes are equal to the significance of the building itself.

For more than a century, windows and doors, as an important carrier of indoor and outdoor interaction in modern buildings, are also an important element of building facades, their functions and meanings are increasingly valued and explored by architects.

"When you select site, you're choosing the details of the windows, you're integrating them and doing deep research from the inside and the outside."

In the concept of MEDO, windows and doors should start from the building and assume the important responsibility as the core component of the building.

Therefore, MEDO’s design concept is systematic and multi-dimensional.

 Artistic fusion of windows and doors and architecture

What can windows and doors bring to the artistry of architecture?

There is no doubt that more and more windows and doors can not meet the functional needs of daily life, but the excellent doors windows design can sublimate the entire architectural art.


 Regional climate adaptability of windows and doors

Carrying the blocking effect on the negative environment, windows and doors need to cope with the challenges posed by the climate characteristics of different regions.

Subtropical humidity and heat, typhoons and high salinity water vapor in coastal areas, and severe cold and dryness in the north are all factors that MEDO has to consider in advance for the building.

Therefore, MEDO comprehensively considers various subsystems such as profile structure, surface treatment, sealing, hardware system, glass selection, etc., and provides window and door system products suitable for different regional climate zones to ensure the overall safety and durability of the building.


 Performance guarantee of windows and doors

Relying on the globally integrated supply chain and integrated industrial production chain, the MEDO system has always been better than the national standard in terms of thermal insulation, wind pressure resistance, sound insulation, airtightness, watertightness, anti-theft and other aspects, providing a high-quality experience for the building space.

In terms of leading the low-carbon and environmental protection of buildings, MEDO is also constantly exploring.

It is worth mentioning that MEDO's MDPC120A tilt turn window with the narrowest frame depth under the same Uw value on the market. This is enough to illustrate the technical advantages of MEDO.

 Structural mechanics design of windows and doors

The window and door structure design must first ensure the strength and stiffness requirements.

Only by ensuring the rationality of structural mechanics can the window and door structure be more secure and stable.

This is MEDO's responsible scientific attitude, and personalized window and door design should also follow this principle.

Therefore, MEDO fully considers factors such as the ultimate safety dimension, member structure, reinforcement structure, lattice optimization, wind load and other factors in the actual situation to provide responsible and flexible solutions for buildings, while ensuring excellent performance.

 Ergonomics of Windows and Doors

The users of buildings and windows and doors are people.

In an environment integrated with the building as a whole, the rationality of ergonomics is a very important design element.

Factors such as opening sash size design, handle height, fixed compartment safety, lock type, glass safety and other factors have been repeatedly verified by MEDO during the design process to achieve the best user experience.

 High standard installation system for windows and doors

Professional and high-standard installation is an important step for windows and doors to achieve the perfect performance and functions.

The installation of MEDO starts from the accurate measurement of the front end, which lays a good foundation for the later installation.

It provides standard guidance for installation methods and material applications in various environments. Professional tools and construction personnel ensure the implementation of every installation detail, and provide for each installation. The landing of the project is a perfect end.


When we design products with the thinking of architects and examine the details from the perspective of engineers, windows and doors are no longer just an independent industrial product, but become a symbiosis of buildings, creating greater value for a better life.

Post time: Sep-28-2022