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Motorized Rolling Flymesh


● Max size(mm):W ≤ 18000mm | H ≤ 4000mm

● ZY105 serie W ≤ 4500,H ≤ 3000

● ZY125 serie W ≤ 5500, H ≤ 5600

● Ultrawide system(Hood box 140*115) W ≤ 18000,H ≤ 4000

● 1-layer & 2-layer are available


● Thermal Insulation, Fire-Proof                                                     ● Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Scratch

● Smart Control                                                                                ● 24V Safe Voltage

● Insect, Dust, Wind, Rain Proof                                                     ● UV Proof

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Fabric Options

Light transmittance: 0%~40%


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Thermal Insulation, Fire-Proof

By maintaining a consistently pleasant temperature, this shading solution
allows you to revel in your outdoor oasis regardless of the external

Additionally, the fire-proofing element adds an extra layer of safety,
ensuring peace of mind as you bask in the warmth of your outdoor space.

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Smart Control

Rolling flymesh takes outdoor living into the future with its smart
control options.

The convergence of these smart control features empowers you to
have complete dominion over your outdoor environment.

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Insect, Dust, Wind, Rain Proof

Redefines outdoor comfort by providing unparalleled protection against
a multitude of elements.

Its innovative design ensures that your space remains insect-proof,
preventing unwanted pests from intruding on your outdoor haven.
Simultaneously, it stands as a fortress against dust, rain, and the
capriciousness of the wind, creating a sheltered environment.

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Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Scratch

Beyond the ordinary, the rolling flymesh incorporates anti-bacterial
and anti-scratch properties into its design.

This not only ensures a hygienic outdoor space but also preserves the
visual appeal of the flymesh, making it a timeless investment that
stands resilient against the test of time.

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24V Safe Voltage

Operating at a secure 24V voltage, the rolling flymesh prioritizes
your safety while delivering efficient performance.

This low voltage not only minimizes energy consumption but also
guarantees a secure and reliable operation for extended periods,
ensuring that your outdoor space remains a haven of comfort.


UV Proof

Harness the power of natural light without compromising on safety
with UV-proof technology.

Shielding against harmful UV rays, this innovation not only
safeguards your well-being but also preserves the flymesh's
structural integrity, promising long-lasting performance and enduring aesthetic appeal.

In addition to its outstanding features previously highlighted,
the Smart Motorized Outdoor Windproof Sun Shade Rolling Flymesh offers a wealth of
customization options and versatile applications that cater to diverse needs,
making it a truly indispensable addition to any space.

Versatile Applications for Every Space

The MEDO Rolling Blind is not confined to a singular purpose; instead, it presents a myriad
of applications across various environments.
Whether adorning pergolas, enhancing balconies, or transforming gardens into private
retreats, this innovative solution is designed to elevate your outdoor experience.
Moreover, its functionality extends to spaces that demand privacy, making it an ideal choice
for offices, meeting rooms, bedrooms, and beyond.

In residential settings,
it becomes an integral part of the home, seamlessly
connecting interiors with exteriors while offering
privacy and protection.


On balconies,
it's a space-saving and stylish addition that
elevates the outdoor experience, offering a
haven within the urban landscape.

For the pergola enthusiast,
it transforms open spaces into private retreats, providing shade and
comfort without compromising on style.

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In office environments,
the MEDO Rolling Blind becomes a sophisticated solution for meeting rooms and
individual offices.
Its smart control options cater to the demands of modern workplaces, ensuring a
comfortable and productive atmosphere.


Customization for Every Need
The adaptability of the MEDO Rolling Blind extends beyond color choices and light transmittance options.
With the ability to cater to different needs and preferences, it becomes a truly personalized solution.
Whether you seek complete blackout for a bedroom, a balance of light and privacy for a living room,
or a combination of aesthetics and functionality for a pergola,
the MEDO Rolling Blind is designed to meet your specific requirements.


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