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MD123 Slimline Lift and Slide Door


● Max weight: 360kg l W ≤ 3300 | H ≤ 3800

● Glass thickness: 30mm


● Panoramic View                                                        ● Slimline Locking System

● Security Lock System                                              ● Foldable Concealed Flynet

● Smooth Sliding                                                         ● Excellent Drainage

● Soft Close Handle To Avoid Dangerous Rebound

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Heavy Duty Type To Support Big Opening

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5 Panoramic view

Offering an unparalleled panoramic view is the core design of
the MD123 Slimline Lift and Slide Door

The design seamlessly integrates large glass panels, providing an
unobstructed visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Panoramic View




Equipped with an advanced Security Lock System, ensuring
peace of mind for homeowners and project managers alike.

This robust system is designed to withstand external forces,
adding an extra layer of protection to your property.

Security Lock System



MEDO lift  sliding door (2)

Effortlessly glide the door open to connect with the outdoors
or create a barrier against the elements when needed.

The engineering precision behind the sliding mechanism
guarantees a seamless operation, creating an inviting transition
between interior and exterior spaces.

Smooth Sliding



MEDO lift  sliding door (3)

Incorporating user safety as a top priority, MEDO has
integrated a Soft Close Handle into the MD123 Slimline
Lift and Slide Door.

This innovative feature prevents dangerous rebounds,
ensuring that the door closes gently and smoothly without
the risk of accidental injuries.

Soft Close Handle To  Avoid Dangerous Rebound



MEDO lift  sliding door (4)

This discreet yet powerful locking system ensures a tight seal, enhancing the
door's resistance against external elements and intruders.

The Slimline Locking System is a testament to MEDO's commitment to
combining aesthetics with robust security measures.

Slimline Locking System



MEDO lift  sliding door (5)

Featured with a foldable concealed flynet,
seamlessly integrated into the door frame.

This innovative solution keeps pesky insects at bay
without compromising the aesthetics or obstructing
the panoramic view.

Foldable Concealed Flynet



MEDO lift  sliding door (1)

To ensure longevity and performance, the MD123 comes
equipped with an excellent drainage system.

The meticulous attention to detail in the design of the drainage
system reflects MEDO's commitment to durability and

Excellent Drainage


A Global Marvel for Diverse Spaces

In the ever-evolving world of architecture and design,
MEDO stands out as a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the contemporary aesthetic.

With a legacy rooted in the United Kingdom, MEDO takes pride in introducing its latest innovation
– the MD123 Slimline Lift and Slide Door.

This door redefines the boundaries of elegance and functionality, catering to the high-end,
customized project demands that seek a perfect blend of minimalist style and superior performance.

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With a keen focus on customization and versatility,
the MD123 caters not only to residences but extends its capabilities to
diverse commercial applications globally.

Let's explore how this exceptional door can seamlessly integrate into
various settings and meet the unique demands of different countries.

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Residential Elegance

Luxurious Residences: The Slimline Lift and Slide Door bring a touch of luxury to high-end residences. Its panoramic view feature transforms living spaces, inviting the outdoors in and enhancing the overall  aesthetic appeal of modern homes.

Urban Apartments: In urban settings where space is a premium, the smooth sliding mechanism becomes  invaluable. The door facilitates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, making it an  excellent choice for urban apartments.

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Commercial Versatility

Retail Spaces: For retail establishments looking to create an inviting atmosphere, the MD123 is an  excellent choice.

Office Buildings: The door's smooth sliding mechanism enhances the flow between office spaces and outdoor areas, creating a dynamic and refreshing atmosphere. The Slimline Locking System  ensures the security and confidentiality required in professional settings.

Hospitality Sector: Hotels and resorts can benefit from the MD123's ability to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. The panoramic view adds a touch of luxury to guest rooms, while the security features ensure the safety of occupants.

Global Adaptability

Climate Adaptation:

The MD123's excellent drainage system is designed to adapt to different climates. In areas with heavy rainfall, the drainage system ensures efficient water management, preventing damage to the door and its surroundings.

In arid regions, the door's ability to create a panoramic view is an asset, allowing residents and occupants to enjoy the outdoors even in extreme temperatures.

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Security Standards:

Recognizing the varying security requirements in different countries, MEDO has engineered the MD123 to meet and exceed global standards.

The door's Security Lock System is adaptable to different security protocols, making it suitable for deployment in diverse geopolitical environments.

Cultural Sensitivity:

Understanding the importance of design in reflecting cultural aesthetics, MEDO offers customization options for the MD123.

From the choice of materials to finishes, the door can be tailored to complement and enhance the architectural nuances of different regions.

The MD123 Slimline Lift and Slide Door by MEDO transcend the conventional boundaries of door design, making them a versatile choice for a myriad of applications.

Whether adorning luxurious residences, enhancing commercial spaces, or adapting to diverse global requirements, this door is a symbol of sophistication and adaptability.

MEDO's commitment to innovation and customization ensures that the MD123 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a global audience, contributing to the transformation of spaces worldwide.

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