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MD150 Slimline Motorized Lift Up Window


● Slimline Max weight: 200kg | W ≤ 4300 | H ≤ 2600

● Other Series Max weight: 1000kg | W ≤ 8000 | H ≤ 2600

● Glass thickness: 32mm DGU | 17.52mm Laminated

● Have other series available for big opening


● Smart Control                                                             ● Backup Power

● LED Light Belt                                                           ● Safety Sensor

● Conceal Drainage                                                       ● Rain Sensor

● Motorized Flynet                                                        ● Fire Sensor

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Unique Window Revolution



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Embraces the era of smart living with its integrated smart control system. Seamlessly connect and control your windows through mobile devices or home automation platforms, providing unparalleled convenience at your fingertips.

Smart Control


Create a captivating ambiance with LED light belt.
This subtle yet impactful feature adds a touch of elegance to your
space, turning your window into a statement piece.

Whether it's creating a warm glow in the evenings or accentuating
architectural details, the LED light belt transforms your environment.

LED Light Belt




Say goodbye to unsightly drainage elements with concealed drainage Conceal Drainage system. This thoughtful design ensures that the window maintains its clean and minimalist appearance while efficiently channeling away rainwater. Beauty and functionality seamlessly coexist in this innovative feature.

Conceal Drainage




Enjoy the serenity of your space without compromising on comfort

with motorized fly net.

This retractable mesh ensures that insects stay out while allowing

refreshing breezes to flow in. Effortlessly deploy or retract the fly net

with the touch of a button, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor


Motorized Flynet




Equipped with a backup power system, ensuring that the window

remains operational even during power outages.

This feature not only enhances convenience but also adds a layer of

security, providing peace of mind in various situations.

Backup Power



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The safety sensor detects obstacles during window operation,

automatically halting movement to prevent accidents.

This intelligent safety feature ensures that your living space

remains secure for all occupants.

Safety Sensor





Goes beyond expectations with its rain sensor.

This intuitive feature automatically closes the window when rain is

detected, protecting your interiors from the elements.

This intelligent adaptation to weather conditions enhances both

comfort and peace of mind.

Rain Sensor




Safety is a holistic concept, the widnow addresses it comprehensively with its fire sensor. In the event of a fire, the window automatically opens, facilitating ventilation and aiding escape routes.

This proactive safety measure showcases MEDO's commitment to creating windows that prioritize the well-being of occupants.

Fire Sensor


Beyond the Window: Benefits and Applications

Smart Living

The integration of smart control elevates the

window experience, allowing users to effortlessly

manage their environment.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The LED light belt and conceal drainage

contribute to the window's sleek appearance,

adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Uninterrupted Fresh Air

The motorized fly net ensures that you can

enjoy the outdoors without the intrusion

of insects, promoting a healthy and

comfortable living environment.


The backup power system ensures

that the window remains operational

even during power outages,

enhancing the window's overall


Safety and Security

Features such as the safety sensor, rain

sensor, and fire sensor prioritize the

safety of occupants, providing peace of

mind in various scenarios.


Applications Across Spaces

Residential Luxury

Transform your home into a sanctuary of luxury with the MD150. From living rooms to

bedrooms, this window adds a touch of sophistication to residential spaces.

Hospitality Excellence

Elevate the guest experience in hotels and resorts with the MD150. Its slimline design and

smart features make it a perfect fit for the hospitality industry.

Commercial Prestige

Make a statement in commercial spaces, from high-end offices to luxury boutiques.

The MD150's design versatility and smart functionality suit a range of commercial applications.

Architectural Marvels 
For architects and designers pushing the boundaries of creativity, the MD150 is a 
canvas for architectural masterpieces. Its unique features and slimline design make it
an ideal choice for avant-garde projects.

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Hot Sale Across Continents 

MEDO's commitment to excellence has made the MD150 Slimline Motorized Lift-Up

Window a hot seller across continents.

Its popularity extends to America, Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia, where architects,

designers, and homeowners alike are embracing the future of window technology.


Elevate Your Living Spaces 

MD150 Slimline Motorized Lift-Up Window from MEDO is not just a window; 

it's a revelation in design and technology. 

From its technical mastery to its intelligent features, every aspect is a testament 

to our commitment to redefining the way we interact with windows. 

 Welcome to a world where innovation meets elegance, where MEDO's windows 

become a seamless extension of your lifestyle.

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