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MEDO Tells You More about Windows & Doors | Treasure in Summer,integrated window with fly screen to keep insects far away from you

MEDO Tells You More about Windows & Doors | Treasure in Summer,integrated window with fly screen to keep insects far away from you

The extraordinarily hot summer of 2022 as if to make up for the severe cold at the beginning of the year.

As enthusiastic as summer, there are also annoying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes not only disturb people's dreams, make people itching and unbearable, but also transmit diseases,

which are very harmful to children and the elderly with weak resistance.

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While air conditioning brings coolness, it also makes the indoor air unhealthy, so it is necessary to open windows for ventilation.

How to achieve both ventilation and mosquito control?

The best way is to use window with fly screens.

Compared with other types of chemical mosquito repellants, the window screen integrated window physically solves the problem of mosquitoes from the source and protects the comfortable experience of the whole house.

Further integration, Further concise

Compared to regular screens, at the beginning of the development of MEDO window integrated window with fly screen.

The integration was the source point to deeply joint the casement window & the screens.

Structures were scientifically designed, and times to improved on the dies to make all works perfect, fish with glass sash and the screen sash are structurally well matched , appearance integrated, stable performance, and convenient application.

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ΔMEDO-120 Outward casement window with fly screen

MEDO integrated inward window with fly screen installed with conceal hinges on the double sash , the finish appearance lines are concise without any exposed hinge.

The outer frame flush to sash make the whole window looks pretty minimalist.

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Δ170Kg big load-bearing conceal hinge, a synthesis of mechanics and aesthetics

The outer frame flush to sash in minimalist finished

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ΔMEDO sash flush to frame details

MEDO integrated outward casement window with fly screen, glass sash open outward while the fly screen sash is open inward, which keeps the advantages of the outward opening window and does not occupy the indoor space.

At the same time, it perfectly meets the needs of opening windows for ventilation and mosquito prevention.

ΔInward casement window with fly screen

High-permeability mesh, the first choice for high-value

The integrated window with fly screen has all the advantages of casement windows.Its unique advantage is the integrated screen. As the key advantages to the screen sash, it acts well in anti-mosquito, lighting and ventilation and safety, and is suitable for users with different needs and preferences.

High-transparently mesh is a popular material in recent years. It’s better on insect-proof, higher light transmittance and greater ventilation are its absolute advantages.

MEDO high-transparently mesh uses advanced NafiTec® patented technology and light catalyst self-cleaning technology (adapted to MEDO inward casement window with fly screen).

ΔMEDO High-transparently mesh

Generally speaking, a mesh number greater than 10 can effectively prevent mosquitoes. To prevent most mosquitoes, it is necessary to increase the mesh number.

However, if the mesh number is increased, the effects of easy dusting and reduced ventilation will be occured.

How to balance mosquito control and ventilation rate? NafiTec® patented technology and light catalyst self-cleaning technology solve this problem well.

In order to prevent 99.9% of mosquitoes, the mesh number of MEDO high-transparently mesh is increased to #48, and the apertures opening is as small as 400 microns.

Compared with ordinary 1000 micron mesh, the opening apertures is reduced by 60%, thereby effectively preventing the majority of mosquitoes nuisance.

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At the same time, NafiTec® patented technology gives full play to the activity of nanomaterials, and evenly covers the nanoparticle on the surface of the mesh material.

Using the principle that the smaller the contact area, the smaller the adsorption point. so that the dust is not easy to adhere to.

In addition, nanoparticles are an inorganic acid compound that is electrically conductive, when dust comes into contact with nanoparticles, static electricity is generated, thereby effectively preventing dust.

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ΔMEDO High-transparently mesh NafiTec® technology

Combined with the mature technology of light catalyst, using the super decomposability and super hydrophilicity of light catalyst material, the dust and harmful substances attached to the mesh are decomposed and automatically melted into the water, resulting in an amazing effect of self-cleaning.

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ΔMEDO high-transparently mesh schematic diagram of light catalyst technology

If the mesh aperture is reduced, will it have the consequence of greatly reducing the ventilation volume?

In fact, let the wind with a wind speed of 1m/min pass through the high-transparently mesh. According to the calculation of the wind speed after the wind passes through, the ventilation rate of the high-transparently mesh has reached more than 80%.

And the high opening rate mesh also makes the dust not block the opening and can produce sufficient ventilation effect.

In addition, the fine wire diameter and high opening ratio of the mesh make the light have a high scattering effect, so that the mesh can obtain an "invisible" visual effect.

Stainless steel mesh, more dimensions of security

For the applicable scenarios with higher security requirements, stainless steel mesh is an excellent solution.

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MEDO stainless steel mesh is made of 316 stainless steel wire, woven by plain weaving process, and is sprayed with powder imported from the Netherlands.

It has no rust spots for more than 500 hours of salt spray test, ensuring no fading and powder removal for more than 5 years. American standard military grade shear resistance, with high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and anti-theft and anti-small animals and mosquitoes, suitable for use in coastal areas, and also with basic fire protection requirements.

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ΔMEDO high strength stainless steel mesh

The high strength and high impact resistance of the stainless steel mesh, combined with the use of screen windows, can protect the safety of children and prevent falling from high altitudes and objects.

The excellent shear resistance can effectively prevent theft, and there is no need to worry about security issues when going out for a short time.

The sturdy stainless steel material can also prevent animals such as mice and snakes. The #12-mesh aperture can also prevent common mosquitoes.

In hot summer, the stainless steel mesh can reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays by about 30%, adding a bright color to the health of the family and the comfort of living.

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ΔMEDO high strength stainless steel mesh details

Good doors and windows are just the icing on the cake, family health and comfort are the top priority.

No matter it is an integrated inward-opening or outward-opening window with fly screen, whether it is a high-transparently mesh or a stainless steel mesh, whether it is a window or a door, whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, MEDO always puts comfort, safety and convenience in the first place.

This summer, no longer tangled, put on a good MEDO window screen integrated window, experience a comfortable and cool summer!

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Post time: Sep-26-2022