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MEDO System | Tilt Turn Window

MEDO System | Tilt Turn Window

Friends who have traveled in Europe can always see the extensive use of tilt turn window windows, intentionally or unintentionally.

European architecture so favors this type of window, especially the Germans who are known for their strictness. I have to say that this kind of treasure window is really helpful to improve the happiness of life.

If the casement window is the most common window type used in daily life, then the tilt turn window is definitely the most worthy "window star".

It has excellent performance in terms of ease of use, dust and rain resistance, lighting and ventilation, safety, maintenance and compatibility.

Ease of use

Maybe many people have encountered the trouble of opening the window and needing to lean out half of the body, which is not only laborious, but also unsafe.

The tilt turn window is based on the inward-opening window and the inward-turning function is added. It has all the advantages of the inward-opening window, and it is convenient to open inwards.

For the concern of occupying space, there is no need to worry about tilt turn window opening. One of the biggest weaknesses of tilt turn window is that the opening sash take up indoor space.

However, in the inverted state, the upper opening of the opening fan is 15-20cm, and the height of the opening is more than 1.8m, which avoids crowding the indoor space.


Dust and rain resistance

Accidents will happen. When you go out, it rains suddenly. If the windows of your home are open, it is almost inevitable that the rain will enter your home.

In the window in the inverted state, the sash blocks the rainwater, and the rainwater can enter the diversion groove along the inverted window to be discharged.

Even if there is no one at home, the window sash in the inverted state can block the wind and rain.

When the outdoor air enters the room, the window sash in the inverted state becomes the airflow buffer.

The heavier sand and dust particles in the outdoor air are blocked by the inverted window sash and settle naturally. Relatively flat and push-pull, it can reduce the entry of sand and dust into the room.


Lighting and ventilation

While high-rise residents have excellent views, they are also troubled by "strong winds" after opening the doors and windows.

Although this extremely strong ventilation can bring about faster replacement of indoor air, it also creates a headache - the direct wind is unbearable. The friendliness of ventilation by opening inside and pouring inside is highlighted.

When the window sash is inverted, because the opening is in the upper part, the outdoor fresh air enters the house from the upper part, circulates from top to bottom, and does not blow directly on the human body, so the body feels particularly comfortable.

Especially in spring and autumn, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large, and the ventilation is softer in the state of inversion.

The lighting mainly depends on the glass, and the frame fan accounts for a small proportion.

The tilt turn window can also be combined with large fixed floor-to-ceiling windows, so there is no need to worry about lighting and scenery.



The tilt turn windows reconcile the contradiction between ventilation and safety, and its safety is reflected in two levels.

For indoors, doors and windows that open inwards may pose a risk of bumping to people passing through, while falling inwards will not cause this potential threat.


For outdoor, in the inverted state, the opening width is limited, people cannot reach out to touch the opening handle from the outside, and the handle in the inverted state faces upwards, so it is difficult to change the open state with tools, thus realizing the maintenance while ventilation, it can ensure safety and also has anti-theft effect.

In addition, the inward-opening inward-turning window also eliminates the danger of falling from a height from the outward-opening window.



Good lighting and excellent landscape all depend on the transparency of the glass, and the daily maintenance and cleaning of the glass has always been a headache.

Inward-opening and inverted-inward windows have a natural advantage in cleaning glass. In the open state, the entire glass can be easily cleaned indoors.

The high-load-bearing and high-opening-closing-cycle hardware system with high quality can guarantee the service life of the tilt turn windows.

MEDO's tilt turn window window use 170Kg high-load-bearing custom hardware imported from European brands, with a durability of 100,000+ times of opening and closing, which minimizes daily maintenance costs.


Ultra High Compatibility

A good system has strong compatibility. Higher compatibility means more personalized design possibilities, better user experience and richer application scenarios, which complements the current trend of architectural design.

MEDO tilt turn window is compatible with fixed windows, ventilation windows, and exterior wall decoration systems.

Design a column-free corner solution to release the maximum field of vision. Choose motorized tilt turn window, experience the comfort of inner opening and inner pouring, and feel the convenience brought by technology.

Whether it is a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, or even a kitchen, the tilt turn windows are a good choice.


▲Perfect compatibility with one-piece glass guardrails, exterior wall decoration systems, fixed windows, etc.


▲Perfectly compatible with ventilation windows, column-free corner solutions, etc.


▲It can be upgraded to motorized tilt turn window, which is convenient and more comfortable to operate.

In daily use, most of the time we only need to keep two states: closed or inverted.

In the few occasions when intensive ventilation or window cleaning is required in a short period of time, the use of inward opening can meet the needs.

Switch between the two methods at will, and experience different functions alternately. And this free and casual calmness is exactly the portrayal of life that we pursue with indifference and equanimity.


Post time: Sep-29-2022