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Those things about door and window design

Those things about door and window design

In modern life, home decoration is an important aspect of expressing the quality of life,and the design of doors and windows is a very important part of home decoration.A good door and window design can add the finishing touch to the overall design of the home.


With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of quality of life. As "home" is an extremely important part of the Chinese people's concept, home decoration often receives special attention. Among them, door and window design is a very important link. In terms of performance, doors and windows carry important functions such as lighting, partitioning, anti-theft, sound insulation, and heat insulation, and the requirements for the quality of doors and windows are self-evident.


From the aesthetic point of view, if you only focus on quality and ignore the design, it will cause doors and windows to be incompatible with the overall design of the furniture,and undermine the overall style of the furniture design.Therefore, adopting MEDO tailor-made door and window design can greatly enhance the taste and temperament of the entire home.

How to design doors and windows

Function: For home decoration, doors and windows play different roles in different positions.

For example, outdoor doors and windows should pay special attention to their anti-theft and safety.


MEDO Lift & Sliding Door


For example, balcony doors and windows should pay attention to lighting, sound insulation and heat insulation.

High quality: Doors and windows need to be combined with the wall of the house, which is troublesome to replace.Generally, it is recommended to buy doors and windows of good quality to ensure worry-free use for a long time.


EDO Factory


Coordination: When doing home decoration design, you should give full consideration to the design of doors and windows,try to choose a unified or similar style, and avoid conflicting door and window design styles with home decoration styles.


MEDO Lift & Sliding doors application pictures.

What aspects should be considered in the design of doors and windows???

 Minimalist design

Eliminate unnecessary elements and give people a refreshing visual enjoyment.The form has smooth and natural lines, majestic and majestic, and the humanized design of free collocation of internal and external colors respects and meets the individual needs of users.


MEDO Casement Door

 Anti-collision design

Abandon the traditional sharp right angles, add aluminum alloy corners to the corners of the opening fans,effectively prevent bumps and scratches, and keep children in a safe environment at all times.


MEDO Casement Window Corner Rounded Design

 Anti-theft design

There is no doubt that a good door and window must have anti-theft function. Increase the anti-theft structure,the frame has high strength, good toughness, simple and elegant appearance, safe and practical, beautiful and fashionable.


MEDO Double Lock Handel design MEDO Outswing  Window + Inward Security Bar + Inward Flyscreen

Anti-mosquito design

Diamond gauze can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, ensure indoor hygiene, solve the problem of mosquito bites, and let you work and study at ease.


MEDO Outswing Casement Window + Security Bar + Inward Flyscreen Concealed Flyscreen

⑤ Thermal insulation design

Choose the broken bridge aluminum material with heat insulation effect,which has good heat insulation performance, the air of the air conditioner is turned on in summer,and the low temperature in winter is low in winter, which contributes to green environmental protection.

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