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「Slimline Windows & Doors」The more concise | The more advanced

「Slimline Windows & Doors」The more concise | The more advanced

Many people are pursuing a minimalist life, hoping for a fresh and comfortable environment in a stressful life. Slimline windows and doors full of creativity and inspiration. Under the low-key appearance, there are all kinds of extraordinary, quiet and intelligent. The visual surprise presented by the design of the narrow frame brings a new sense of space to the interior.

Slimline Windows440

Slimline window and doors is not only "slim"

Many users may not understand the slimline windows and doors, or even dare not try it. In fact, the slimline window and doors is a more advanced type of windows and doors.

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The more streamlined the test the details

Slimline Windows1877
Slimline Windows1878

Simple and extraordinary, minimalism is by no means cutting corners. The exquisite way of MEDO slimline windows and doors is reflected in every design detail. It seems simple but actually requires more advanced craftsmanship and more sophisticated structural design.

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MEDO slimline windows and doors system, sound insulation and noise reduction, heat preservation and waterproof, wind and pressure resistance, energy saving and environmental protection.

The special design of the profile enhances the strength of the door and window bearing members, and the wind pressure resistance is strong. The glue injection process improves the safety and sealing of the whole window, effectively prevents rainwater from ingress, and enjoys quiet and comfort. The flat design of the extremely narrow frame fan makes the whole window more three-dimensional and a wider field of vision

The handle without pedestal is derived from Italian design, simple and beautiful, and comfortable to hold.

Slimline Windows1988

Overlooking the panorama

One door and one window, minimalist and narrow sides, overlooking the panoramic view, full of texture and tonality, using high-quality doors and windows to enhance a high-quality life. The frame is narrow, the field of view is wide, and it is not oppressive. The narrow side door has a wider field of view than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows due to its narrow frame, and the view is extremely enjoyable. There is no heavy feeling of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, the overall atmosphere is not depressing, there is a kind of ethereal, close to nature feeling, in line with the minimalist life pursued by modern people.

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Rightly simple

An art of relaxation

Less visual complexity

Make the beauty of nature purer

Make the city prosperous

A quiet view

MEDO Slimline System

Quiet life

Simple and extraordinary

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