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Pure Simplicity

Pure Simplicity

Minimalism originated in the 1960s and is one of the important schools of modern art in the 20th century. The minimalist design follows the design concept of “less is more”, and has had a profound impact on many artistic fields such as architectural design, decorative design, fashion and painting.

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Although minimalist design is known for its simplicity, in fact, minimalist design does not blindly pursue the simplification of design form, but pursues the balance of design form and function. That is to say, on the premise of realizing the design function, the unnecessary and unnecessary decorations are removed, and the clean and smooth shape is used to make the design present a sense of elegance and purity, reduce people’s cognitive barriers, and facilitate people’s use and appreciation.

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In order to do this, minimalism requires more than simplification and culling, but precision and function. Therefore, under the simple surface of minimalist design, hidden is the complex design process.

Medo 200 series sliding door, breaks the heavy feeling of traditional glass sliding doors, eliminates all redundant decorations, pursues simplicity, and returns to the original. Create infinite possibilities in a limited structure, inject a sense of smart design into the dull home space, and push and pull to show elegance!

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Concealed sash design, 28mm extremely slim interlock, visually more beautiful. Using Glass configuration 5mm+18A+5mm insulating tempered glass, safety is more assured.

Equipped with MEDO original design hardware as standard, it is not only exquisite in shape but also durable, the handle is integrated with the door frame, the interface is pure, light and minimalist. Hidden high-quality pulley design, thickened wheel core is made of thick material from the inside to the outside, the sliding is smoother, and the push-pull is more wear-resistant. Pulley flat rail design, easier to clean. Customized sealing tops, elastic, dust-proof and durable.

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The 200 narrow edge glass sliding door not only looks light and agile, but also has a high quality. It has high strength, good flexibility, and has the advantages of light weight and firmness.

Post time: Apr-13-2022