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Most beautiful window and door types

Most beautiful window and door types

Most beautiful window and door types

"Which one is your favorite?"


"Do you have such confusion?"

After you finalized your house interior design style, the furniture and decorations normally can well match the style while windows and doors are quite detached.

Windows and doors play a more and more important role in the interior design now, and they have their own style too.

Let’s have a look at different window and door styles from different countries and cultures. 

Hope you can easily find your favorite style for your home.


Pastoral Style

Pastoral style is a common style whose theme is to show the pastoral feeling through the decoration. But the pastoral style here doesn’t mean countryside, but a style close to nature.

Before pastoral style often uses wood to make windows and doors. Nowadays, more and more wood finish aluminum profiles are used in various colors like cherry wood, maple and walnut etc. to match the pastoral interior design and gain excellent performances of aluminum windows and doors.

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Chinese Style

The Chinese tyle windows and doors can be divided into two categories:

One is Traditional Chinese Style. Its main character is mortise and tenon joint structure, adapting a historical production method with solid wood or wooden board. 

The other is New Chinese Style. The new generation prefers simplicity and New Chinese Style was born to meet this need. The profile color in red acid wood and Huanghua pear wood are most popular among New Chinese Style.

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American Style

The American style window and door normally features in simple shape, lively color, and practical design, showing a feeling of pursuing nature. Moreover, blinds are widely for sun shading, heat insulation and high privacy which is highly valued by the nation.

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Traditional blinds are very hard to clean. MEDO made some change and uses blinds between glass for very easy maintain. When blinds are gathered up, light can come through glass; when blinds are put down, privacy is well assured. 

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Mediterranean Style

The theme of Mediterranean style is bright and colorful tone, distinguish nationality and the mixture of colors. Mostly used materials are solid wood and natural stones to create a romantic and natural atmosphere.

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Southeast Asia Style

Southeast Asia Style is deeply connected with green. The window and door color mainly is dark oak with sculpture art. The sculpture sometimes is very simplified while sometimes complicated. You can strongly feel the ASEAN atmosphere with the windows decorated with white gauze curtain and hollowed screen.

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Japanese Style

The characteristic of this style is elegant and concise. The design lines are clear and smooth and the decoration is simple and neat. Mostly seen Japanese style window and door is sliding door, with clear wood texture and natural wood color. Sliding door is space saving and can be used as interior partition to add more changes in the room.

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Modern Minimalistic Style

Minimalistic style is not just simple but full of design charm. The windows and doors are made of aluminum and glass, with concise lines and aesthetic frames. Matching with minimalistic furniture, it provides a simplified and relaxing lifestyle.

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Which one do you like most?

Post time: Apr-19-2021