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Minimalist furniture

Minimalist furniture



In the increasingly complex and fierce living environment, people increasingly hate the cumbersomeness and yearn for a clear, natural, casual and relaxed environment. Therefore, in the field of modern home design, minimalist design concepts have become the source and means of creativity pursued by many designers.
The design style always follows the spiral development. From the beginning of the 20th century to the present for more than 100 years, although there have been many “isms” and “styles”, the design philosophy of “less is more” has always influenced furniture. Design and incorporate new connotations in different periods.
“Minimalism” is not simply a matter of material decorations moving from “cumbersome” to “simplicity”. It is more about the changes in people’s hearts after the external forms of these materials change. Furniture, as the daily necessities most closely related to people, must also meet the spiritual needs. Therefore, minimalism has become the mainstream style of contemporary furniture design.
The term “Minimalist” first appeared in the field of art, requiring removal of all superfluous and useless elements, and reflecting the essence of things objectively and rationally in a concise form. Minimalism advocates extreme simplicity, removing the complex and making it simple. The designer uses the least design elements and elements as much as possible in his creation, leaving more space for the audience to feel, and reflecting the elegant taste in simplicity.
The functional factors of furniture include three aspects: one is the use function; the second is the extension of the function, including material and spiritual aspects; the third is the comfort design based on ergonomics. The goal of furniture design is people, as a combination of technology and art. Minimalist furniture design pays attention to the use of the least form of expression and the lowest energy consumption to meet people’s requirements.
Pure geometric appearance is an important feature of minimalist design. The designer omitted as much as possible the intermediate, excessive, and geometrically uncertain components, and kept the pure geometry with distinctive attributes as the basic appearance of the furniture.



Visual aesthetics and psychological simplicity. The design of minimalist style furniture advocates practicality and durability. The furniture design is required to follow the design rule of “function first, form second, function determines form”. He advocates replacing perceptual impulses with strict thinking, and emphasizes the use of scientific and objective methods to analyze problems, rather than aestheticism.


The material shows its intrinsic value in the design. In the minimalist furniture design, almost all decorations are removed, only the original texture and color of the materials are used as decorations, so that the appearance of simple furniture has subtle and rich changes. Different materials will affect people’s physiology and Psychology has different effects. For example, metal and glass will give people a sense of seriousness, competence, strength and a strong sense of order; while materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan have a natural and simple texture, and a warm, soft, and sincere sense of intimacy. In the process of creation, designers should choose specific materials according to different contents and functions.

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The most outstanding representative of minimalist furniture is the Nordic furniture, which has conquered the world with its furniture style that does not use carved or decorative patterns at all. This reflects the essence of minimalist “people-oriented”. Nordic designers refer to the interior and furniture design styles of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in the four northern European countries. The basic design spirit of pure and simple Nordic modern design is: humanistic design ideas, function-oriented design methods, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology combined processing technology, peaceful and natural lifestyle, and “style is life” design concept.

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Minimalist style is an important feature of modern quality furniture. The style is simple but not simple, and has extremely high requirements on the shape, structure, materials and craftsmanship of the furniture. The simple style can achieve maximum comfort, better meet the psychological needs of urban residents to pursue simplicity and return to their origins, and advocate a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

Post time: Sep-30-2021