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MEDO minimalist slimline windows and doors, showing a simple and unsophisticated charm.

MEDO minimalist slimline windows and doors, showing a simple and unsophisticated charm.

In the new era, young people are gradually becoming the main force of consumption. They pay attention to individuality and pleasure. Compared with the pragmatism of the previous generation, “appearance is justice” has become the new standard for young people to measure products.


The minimalist style of doors and windows emphasizes simplicity as beauty, removes the redundancy and retains its essence; simple lines, elegant colors, endless windows, and a bright and relaxed feeling.


01. Slimline Profile, Simple Lines.

The minimalist slimline windows and doors pushes the philosophy of life. In today’s rich material life, the minimalist style advocates frugality, avoids waste, and returns to nature. Slimline sliding doors can be expressed as minimalist shape, minimalist design, minimalist configuration, and advocate minimalism and restraint. In modern fashion, the line is mainly used to show a simple and simple charm.


02. Excellent Performance, Excellent Quality.

The narrow side sliding door adopts high-quality pulleys, which is more wear-resistant and quiet when sliding; the groove design of the door frame makes the door leaf more airtight when the door leaf is closed; the upper rail anti-swing design can resist typhoons. The lock and the handle are integrated, the shape is exquisite, seemingly ordinary and nothing new, but it contains infinite charm, giving unlimited imagination of space.



03. The More Minimal, The More Extraordinary

It looks like a narrow frame, but in fact it has great strength, stable and strong, comfortable and natural, and full of fashion and modernity. The narrower design, the panoramic view is unobstructed, the spatial visual effect and the lighting area are more atmospheric and luxurious. Extremely narrow sliding doors, go to the complex and simplify, create a personalized texture space with stylish design taste, meet the needs of modern and simple home decoration, and highlight the texture of the entire home.


Minimalism pursues simplicity to the extreme, and the exquisite lines match with a sense of luxury. This is the mainstream of fashion, but also an attitude. Decent doors and windows cater to the simple style pursued by contemporary young people, eliminating all redundant decorations. Simple and bright lines, not redundant and not messy colors, not complicated and not demanding, simple and free.


Post time: Oct-16-2021