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MEDO | Minimalist lifestyle

MEDO | Minimalist lifestyle

Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and a hotbed for the creation and development of Renaissance furniture.

Italian furniture has gathered thousands of years of human history.

With its reliable quality, unique artistic style, and elegant and beautiful design, it has amazed the world.

In the international furniture market, Italian furniture is synonymous with high-quality and high-end.

It satisfies consumers' ultimate pursuit of beauty and quality.


MEDO Graceful

Making sofa charming like artwork

Low-key shape and simple lines create a fashionable space without too much decoration and magnificent colors, as if the world kepts away the complication

 In the comparison between thickness and thinness, classical black and white, it draws a fashionable lifestyle. We insist on perfect details during the manufacture,

 we use the solid wood and comfortable design to build a little warm world and to give a piece of peaceful spiritual comfort to those who live in noisy city.


MEDO Italian minimalist style sofa, solid color tones with northern European solid wood,

create a striking wooden sofa foot, simple light color line creates romantic taste, high quality and delicate skin texture cotton,

high quality and thick shelf , Moderate skin care, gas permeability, matte iron feet with thermal pads, can prevent slip anti-scratch injury,

 so that the floor is free. Elegant arc design, overall generous and steady, give hand or head comfortable ,

Solid wood sofa is beautiful, gives support for the strength of the sofa, and the quality is more trustworthy.


Minimalism is the restraint after insight into all the rules,

and the attitude of "silent is better than sound" at this time.

The core of Italian minimalism is "LESS IS MORE", pursuing simplicity to the extreme,

reducing non-essential factors and retaining only the core part,

 focusing on function rather than form, simplicity and not simplicity.

Artistic thoughts

Fashion-style life

Elegance is beauty of distinctive temperament. Fashion,

 popular is its most splendid and beautiful expression. Style and personality is its distinctive expression,

while leisure and coziness is its most exquisite



: Only necessary elements are retained in the design

Minimalism is good at subtracting in space, removing complexity and leaving simple and smart lines. Add in the details, keeping only the essence. The style is concise, advocating the white space on the wall, generally do not do tedious decoration, and use the organic combination of furniture and lighting to build the home atmosphere. The texture presented by the condensed details is very comfortable and comfortable, and the overall beauty presented is real, free, neither exaggerated nor exaggerated, but also elegant and atmospheric.
Bringing the —Pure Taste to life Art Space

Simple geometrical shape of subtraction philosophy outlines the

tolerance of fashion home furnishing. In the interweaving between

rose and snowy white, the colors filled with animation bring the

poetic space and make the simple life full of splendor


About Space

Ⅱ: Create a sense of comfort for the space

MEDO Italian minimalist furniture pays special attention to interior decoration.

The furniture and the indoor environment are in harmony and complement each other, creating a beautiful family atmosphere.

The overall color selection is mostly elegant and generous colors, with a reasonable combination of color blocks to create an overall sense of atmosphere and bring aesthetic taste into life.

 With the passage of time, the minimalist charm gradually emerged.



Ⅲ: Diversified materials and three-dimensional shapes have a sense of design


MEDO minimalist furniture design tends to the forefront, good at using a variety of new materials to give play to the texture of different materials.

The choice of materials is extremely diverse, such as wood, leather, marble, etc.

 Nowadays, new materials in modern industry are also widely used, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-density glass.

The performance of these materials is compared with traditional materials. To be much better, such as waterproof, scratch resistance,

light transmission and other advantages. The shape adopts non-decorative solid geometry rich in Italian design philosophy.


Simplicity is not simple. Formal minimalism often contains complex internal design,

which requires extremely high generalization ability and feeling ability.

Therefore, minimalism is also extremely extravagant.

When we are no longer obsessed with prosperity, we are separated from life.

The essence is getting closer.

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