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MEDO 100 Series Bi-Folding Door – Concealed Hinge

MEDO 100 Series Bi-Folding Door – Concealed Hinge

The minimalist style is a popular home style in recent years. The minimalist style emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, removes the redundant redundancy, and keeps the most essential parts. With its simple lines and elegant colors, it gives people a bright and relaxed feeling. The feeling is loved by many young people.


In today’s rich material life, minimalist style advocates thrift, avoid waste, and return to nature. Narrow frame sliding doors can be expressed as minimalist shape, minimalist design, minimalist configuration, advocating minimalism and restraint, in modern fashion, it mainly uses a sense of line to show a simple and simple charm.


The traditional folding door

Different from the traditional one, the MD100ZDM folding door adopts the design of hidden frame and hidden hinges, abandoning the traditional heavy and cumbersome visual effects, the appearance is simpler, the lines are smoother, and the visual experience will be better.


The MD100ZDM Folding Door

Equipped with a unique patented semi-automatic handle, the appearance is elegant and simple, strictly tested, with ten years warranty.



An anti-balance wheel is attached on the top to improve the stability of the folding door, prevent the door leaf from shaking due to external force, and improve the practical life and safety of the door.


At the same time, the rollers that drive the door leaf to slide by the upper and lower rails are directly connected to the middle stand. This structural design can effectively avoid the deformation and damage caused by the frequent swinging of the door leaf, and also makes the opening and closing of the folding door smoother.


In addition, the track is a high and low track design, which is conducive to drainage. At the same time, there are hidden drains on the track. When the water flows into the track, the water will flow into the profile through the drain, and be discharged to the outside through the hidden drain.


Post time: Mar-11-2022