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Italian minimalism | simple yet stylish

Italian minimalism | simple yet stylish

Make it simple, hit the heart.

Only by knowing enough can you know where the needs are.

Twists and turns, simple and elegant.

The lines outline the beauty of the curves of the home.

Embellishment of soft decoration, design of baking varnish.

Make the home full of life like icing on the cake.


MEDO Minimalist Style Sofa Set

Leather sofa

Simplicity without losing the connotation.

The appearance is extremely unique

Thick sofa cushions float on slim brackets

Formed a sharp contrast

Specially designed inner dragon skeleton and hardware reinforcement

Make this bold design a reality

Special customized sponge layer

Added a comfortable experience


Iron coffee table Simple yet elegant wrought



Irregular geometric shapes, the agility of active space, and stylish collocation are a classic reinterpretation.



The exquisite bevel and chamfer are more delicate, the corners are more rounded and safer, and the bottom has a bottom plate as a support to strengthen the stone to prevent damage caused by impact.



The cylindrical support feet are made of iron, and the black Athens is exquisite, which better reflects the beauty of Italian minimalism.

Marble dining table Simplicity yet practical

Simple design, versatile style

Can be simple and light luxury

Change your home style at any time

In terms of material

Marble countertop are resistant to high temperature, corrosion, oil stains and high hardness

The four corners of the dining table are treated with details to prevent collisions and knocks

Unique table base design, stable structure

Overall excellent load-bearing performance


Bed series Simple yet unique

Delicate lines

Elegant and generous color

Without the slightest publicity

Not even flamboyant

Make the space look simple and bright

The quality of materials is highlighted through the collision of different textures and materials

Make the whole room look extraordinarily clean

With decorative hanging pictures and soft fabrics

Create a warm, relaxing and layered sleeping and living space.


Post time: Sep-27-2021