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How is MEDO bi folding door beyond your imagination?

How is MEDO bi folding door beyond your imagination?

1. The open space reaches the maximum.

The folding design has a wider opening space than the traditional sliding door and window design. It has the best effect in lighting and ventilation, and can be switched freely.


2. Retract freely

The Medo foldable door which has been precision-processed and ingeniously designed, is light in texture, flexible in opening and closing, and noise-free.

At the same time, it is equipped with advanced and practical hardware to maximize the service life of your folding door.


3. Coexistence of practicality and good looks

High-quality folding doors and windows have a series of superior performance such as heat insulation and sound insulation, coupled with beautiful appearance, so they are deeply loved by people.

Where can folding doors and windows be used?


1. Balcony

Choosing folding windows when closing the balcony can achieve a 100% opening effect. When opened, it can be connected to the outside world in all directions, infinitely close to nature; when closed, it can maintain a relatively quiet space.


The living room and the balcony are separated by a folding window. The two can be combined into one at any time, which directly increases the space of the living room and is more convenient for ventilation and lighting than traditional sliding doors.

2. Kitchen

The space of the kitchen is generally relatively small, and the installation of a folding door can be opened at any time. It does not take up space by itself and can create a more spacious sense of space.


Folding doors can be used in many spaces, such as study rooms, bedrooms, etc. If your home needs decoration, MEDO folding doors will be a very good choice. For more information about folding doors, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Post time: Dec-10-2021