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Furniture Minimalist Style Design

Furniture Minimalist Style Design

Minimalist style is becoming more and more popular now, because this style is very suitable for modern people. The feature of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, but the requirements for the texture of colors and materials are very high. Therefore, the simple space design is usually very subtle, and can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and simplicity over complex. The minimalist style makes our lives cleaner and clearer.


MEDO Minimalist Style Sofa Set

The characteristics of minimalist style furniture-Most of the colors are monochrome.

Minimalist furniture is mostly monochrome. Black and white are the representative colors of minimalism, while the primary colors of gray, silver, beige, and the entire color without prints and totems bring another low-key sense of tranquility, calm and restrained.


Light gray sofas, pillows of the same color, minimalist coffee table, the entire sofa area is rich in content, but simple.

The characteristics of minimalist style furniture-Neat and concise lines.

Clean lines are the most obvious feature of minimalist furniture. Minimalist furniture usually has simple lines. In addition to the simple straight and right-angled cabinets, sofas, bed frames, and tables are also straight, without too many curves. The shape is simple, rich in design or philosophical meaning but not exaggerated.


MEDO minimalist furniture whether it is a sofa, a coffee table, or a bedside table, the design of the lines is concise, abandoning redundant line decoration, and pursuing beautiful and practical beauty with smooth and concise lines.

The characteristics of minimalist style furniture-diversified materials.

The diversification of materials is also an important feature of minimalist furniture. Wood and leather are the main basic materials of furniture. In minimalist furniture, new materials of modern industry can be seen, such as slate, aluminum, carbon fiber, high-density glass, etc., which add various possibilities to furniture. Such as waterproof, scratch-resistant, lightweight, light-transmitting, easy to clean and so on.


MEDO production pays attention to craftsmanship, quality requirements, and every detail is perfect.

Post time: Sep-27-2021