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MD155 Slimline Sliding Door


● Max weight: 150kg (light duty)

   300kg (heavy duty) | W < 2000 | H < 3500

● Glass thickness: 30mm


● Minimalist Durable Handle

● Smooth Roller

● Muli Point Locking &Anti-Theft Lock System

● Conceal Drainage

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Multi Track Options Slimline Sliding Door With
Sash Concealed Design






4-1 black sliding glass doors
Minimalist Durable Handle
4-2 large sliding glass doors

In a world saturated with ostentatious designs, the minimalist
durable handle stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity.
Crafted for durability without sacrificing aesthetics, this handle is
an unassuming yet impactful addition to the door's overall design.

5 sliding glass doors exterior
Smooth Roller

Navigating the space between indoors and outdoors should be
a seamless experience.

The MD155 achieves this with its smooth roller operation,
ensuring that the door glides effortlessly along its tracks.

6  sliding interior doors
Muli Point Locking & Anti-Theft Lock System

The multi-point locking system, strategically placed along the
door's frame, ensures that your space is not just stylish but
also safeguarded against potential intruders.

The anti-theft lock system goes beyond mere security;
it's a guardian that stands sentry over your sanctuary,
allowing you to revel in tranquility without compromise.

7 double sliding door

Conceal Drainage

The concealed drainage system seamlessly manages water
runoff without disrupting the door's clean aesthetic.
Here, form and function dance together in perfect harmony.

Beyond the Door: Envisioning Possibilities

Architectural Versatility:
The MD155 effortlessly adapts to various architectural styles, from modern high-end residences to classic villas, making it a versatile choice for discerning homeowners.

Enhanced Living Experience:
The smooth roller operation doesn't just open and close a door; it orchestrates an experience, elevating your everyday interactions with the space around you.

Security Reinvented:
With multi-point locking and an anti-theft lock system, the MD155 ensures that your home isn't just a structure but a haven fortified against external uncertainties.

8 sliding glass door security

Applications Beyond Expectations

High-End Private Houses
The MD155 isn't just a door; it's an expression of modern luxury that finds its perfect
home in high-end private residences, where every detail matters.

Elevate the charm of villas with the MD155. Its minimalist design and robust features
enhance the architectural grandeur of these timeless abodes.

Commercial Marvels
From upscale commercial spaces to boutique hotels, the MD155's blend of style and
security makes it an ideal choice for projects where excellence is non-negotiable.

9 sliding door patio

A Global Affair

The MD155 Slimline Sliding Door isn't confined by borders;
it's a global sensation that resonates with homeowners and architects alike.

America: Where Modern Meets Timeless
In the dynamic landscape of America, the MD155 finds its place among homes that
seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with timeless design.

Mexico: Embracing Elegance
In the vibrant tapestry of Mexican design, Its minimalist handle and concealed drainage
resonate with the rich cultural heritage while introducing a touch of modernity.

Middle East: A Oasis of Luxury
In the opulent surroundings of the Middle East, the MD155 stands tall as an oasis of luxury.
Its heavy-duty capabilities and sleek design cater to the region's penchant for opulence

10-1 sliding french doors exterior

Across the diverse landscapes of Asia, its adaptability and
minimalist charm make it a favorite in homes where tradition
meets innovation.

Asia: Harmony in Diversity

10-2 sliding exterior doors

Elevate Your Lifestyle with MEDO

MD155 Slimline Sliding Door by MEDO isn't just a door;
it's an ode to the art of living well.
It's about more than security and functionality;
it's a design philosophy that
believes in elevating the everyday into an extraordinary experience.

Step into a world where simplicity meets sophistication,
a doorway to a lifestyle where every detail is
a brushstroke on the canvas of your living space.
Elevate your lifestyle with MEDO.

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