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Slimline Folding Door, Fold Out A Minimalist Space!

Slimline Folding Door, Fold Out A Minimalist Space!

Medo doors and windows can be customized according to the needs of users. The unique design and personalized aesthetic appeal bring a different life experience. Choose doors of different colors according to the indoor tone, maintain a high degree of uniform style, and enjoy the ultimate smooth beauty of space.


MDZDM100A: Concealed Frame Design, Max Height 6m


The beautiful viewing balcony is equipped with a folding door, which can also open the space when the door is opened, so that the entire balcony is included in the guest restaurant area, which is more spacious and generous.


Space Partition

In addition, the folding door can also be used as a space partition in a larger area, allowing the space to be open and independent, which is very clever and practical.


MDZDM80A Free Bi Folding Door With Concealed Fly Screen

Slimline Bi Folding Door

It is a kind of horizontal movement by the upper and lower rails,

Multiple folds are folded and pushed to the side.

Panoramic glass, a wider field of vision.

Easy to use, push and pull freely.

It easily acts as a barrier and separate space freely.

Use limited space.


Minimal but not simplify

Let the hearts of the inhabitants reach the most primitive place.

With the least design, give unlimited imagination to the space.

Simple lines and light design,

Highlight the unique beauty of minimalist style,

Simple, comfortable, high-end home experience.


Looks and quality, durable

Double-layer hollow tempered glass design,

The profile is strong and strong,

Has good air tightness,

Good lighting and light permeability effect,

Moisture-proof, heat-insulating, fire-retardant and flame-retardant, etc.

High-quality silent bearings, sliding smoother.


One door and one room, minimalist and narrow.

Overlooking the panoramic view, full of texture and freehand brushwork.

Create a quality life.

The ingenuity is subtle, and the beauty is seen in the details.

Let your folding door become the focal point of regional vision.

Fashionable, simple, beautiful and generous.

Panoramic glass.

Increase the sense of space.

Brighten up your apartment.

Suitable for kitchen, living room, balcony, etc.

In order to create a different home atmosphere.

Post time: Jan-10-2022