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Minimalist | Less is More

Minimalist | Less is More

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was a German-American architect. Along with Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright, he is regarded as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture.

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"Minimalist" is in trend

Minimalistic life, Minimalistic Space, Minimalistic Building ......

"Minimalist" appears in more and more industries and lifestyles

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MEDO is specialized in minimalistic windows, doors and furniture

After a long day of hard working

We want to get relaxed once back to home

While a minimalistic simplified home can help you feel released and gain a peace moment

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What is minimalist?

According to Wikipedia, minimalist is a simple living lifestyle, which is often called the minimalist lifestyle. It’s not just a trend but an attitude towards life

Minimalist has integrated into our life as a lifestyle, including minimalist furniture, minimalist windows and doors ……

MEDO provides you lifestyle instead of product


Simplified life is a philosophy of moderate space, moderate furniture, and moderate decoration, without any redundance

With MEDO slimline windows and doors, the whole wall can disappear

360°sea view is possible without any obstacles

Lying in the MEDO minimalistic leisure chair with beautiful view, a cup of aromatic coffee and one favorable book, life couldn’t be better

MEDO minimalist furniture – A New Home Attitude

MEDO minimalist furniture removes all unnecessary functions and redundant product lines, to build a natural, simple and relaxing atmosphere.

Your mind and body will set free to the utmost.

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MEDO minimalistic modern style furniture combines soothing elements and sophisticated details to achieve modern perfection and indue a pure relaxation feeling

MEDO slimline window and door system – A Lifestyle, Not A Product

MEDO minimal windows and doors

provide an expanded view with narrow frames and huge glass

Excellent performances achieved by precise combination of glasses, profiles, hardware and gaskets can provide you a safe and comfortable living environment

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The standard colors are Black, White and Silver to match most modern interior decorations and customization service is also available to cater various needs

Sashes and flyscreens are concealed for neat and sophisticated outlook, while patented designs provide smoother operation and longer lifespan.

There are many reasons to choose MEDO

One of the key reasons is the one-stop service with professional solution MEDO provides

Endless enthusiasm motivates us to constantly do better year after year

from design to the cutting-edge technology to create new collections each year

Post time: Apr-19-2021