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Minimalist enjoyment

Minimalist enjoyment

Take you to appreciate the beauty of slimline windows and doors.

With economic development and social progress, consumer needs have become diverse. They like good-looking skins, and prefer skins with interesting souls in them. This era requires imagination beyond the starry sky and the power to design life.

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The current slimline sliding door is a very popular "net celebrity" door and window product. The slimline sliding door has a wide view of space and reduces the sense of depression.

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Breaking the isolation between internal and external space, using extremely narrow frame structure and the use of transparent glass, laid a good lighting foundation for the spacious layout space.

Remove a large number of borders and frames, so that the outside light can better penetrate into the room. The sufficient natural light sense allows people to enjoy the sun in a large area in the indoor space freely.

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The extremely narrow width of the sector expands the field of view. The panoramic vision is better, the day lighting rate is higher, and the beautiful scenery is straight to the eye. At this moment, man and nature are so close.

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 Although the width of the profile is narrow, the wall thickness of the profile is thicker than that of the ordinary sliding door, which ensures the strength of the door frame.

While the atmosphere is beautiful, it does not forget to increase the rigidity of the profile and increase the safety performance.

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Minimalism, never need to advertise, it is a kind of beauty that makes simplicity to be the ultimate, and it also follows the golden rule of "less is more". Return to the pure essence of life and create a natural and comfortable home space atmosphere.

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It not only has the form of "simple narrow frame", but also can realize "

High-level safety performance", which combines aesthetics, function, and performance.

Perfect combination, with a large field of view as the spatial planning scale, the ultimate luxury.

Simple, let the space be full of high-level beauty, let you taste fashion.

Light and luxurious quality of life.

Post time: Sep-27-2021