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MEDO Slimline System | Show All The Scenery

MEDO Slimline System | Show All The Scenery

At present, youth is pursuing the life of high quality, accordingly, sliding door of extremely slimline door also entered contemporary tide in. The sliding door of very slimline is in the perfect combination of creativity and technology, beautiful atmosphere, strong and durable, which is the essence of the whole structure of sliding door and window.


MEDO slimline system combines modern and original functions with a simple, stylish atmosphere. Wide space vision, overall reduce the sense of oppression, enhance the sense of transparency. Flexible design in space size and functionality.


The biggest feature lies in the design of MEDO slimline system, and the difficulty also lies in the perfect integration of extremely narrow frame design and hardware system.


Door panel light weight, good load-bearing, not easy to corrosion deformation, high strength and durable performance, and the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation is very good.


Tie-in hollow glass models the contracted style that comes out, more let a person enchanted unceasingly.


Hollow glass is by wide do narrow, strength by strong make it strong, color by complex to concise, style by mediocre achieve extremely simple high-end, through the glass to see the field of vision is very comfortable.


 And on the basis of ensuring safety and durability, the whole system conforms to the modern and simple household style. The overall effect and simple home style collocation is more capable, and the stability and safety of the whole door and window is stronger. And this structure makes the real insulating glass doors and windows have good sound insulation and heat insulation performance.


Every window and door is the beginning of a beautiful life. Doors and windows behind the products are MEDO’s dedication and adherence, but also the best interpretation of quality life. Use MEDO slimline windows and doors system to give you a quiet, warm environment.

Post time: Oct-25-2021