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Luxurious Without Exaggeration

Luxurious Without Exaggeration

The design style of light luxury is more like a life attitude

A life attitude that shows the owner’s aura and temperament

It’s not luxury in the traditional sense

The overall atmosphere is not so depressing

On the contrary, the light luxury style focuses on simplifying the decoration and lines

To be refined and elegant in minimalism


The main color highlights the texture

Light luxury style does not pursue exaggerated sense of vanity

Rather, it shows sophistication in a low-key

Therefore, in terms of color, we will not choose red and green.

Rather than neutral colors such as beige, camel, black, gray

Simple but not lacking in texture, pure and not lacking in temperament


Auxiliary bright color enhances the sense of freshness

With the help of brightly colored paintings, fabrics, pillows, furniture, etc.

Add a bright secondary color to the space

Add freshness and show the stylish atmosphere of the room



Decorative elements present refined

It is often used in the decoration design of light luxury style

Marble, metal, glass, mirror and other elements

These elements are inherently gorgeous

It can more vividly present the sophistication in the light luxury style



Pay attention to warmth

Light luxury sounds like a cold sense of space

But in fact, the light luxury style creates texture at the same time

It will not ignore the creation of a warm feeling

Warm wood, soft fur, smooth velvet

It will make the whole room warm



Minimalist and extravagant

Light luxury is also a style that pays attention to artistic conception

Fashionable white space will give people more space for imagination

Create a more elegant and atmospheric visual effect

Less wins more, minimalist and extravagant


Post time: Mar-11-2022