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Create Your Winter Sun!

Create Your Winter Sun!


Glass can let the house and sunlight

Make the most intimate contact

Even in the cold winter

Open your hands, you can embrace the warm sunshine

The space may not be large, but the light is bright enough

Through the big glass window

A panoramic view of everything outside

Plant your favorite flowers and plants here

Let every corner

Are full of sunshine and floral scent

Fall asleep with the stars here

Wake up to the sun

Feel the breath of life in a new day

In such a sunny room

Heart as natural

Enjoy every day that life bestows


How to choose the sun room correctly

First of all, we must clarify the functionality of the sun room

If your sun room is mainly for growing flowers and grass, then you must first pay attention to the problems of ventilation and lighting in the construction of the sun room, and open a larger skylight at the top.

If your sun room is used as a living room, dining room, study room, activity area and other functional spaces, you must pay attention to the issue of heat preservation. For the glass of the sun room, it is best to choose tempered hollow glass and cooperate with other heat insulation methods to meet the summer The need to block the sun and heat insulation.


How to insulate, shade and protect the sun room?

In summer, the most feared by the sun room is the sun exposure. If it is not handled properly, the high temperature in the sun room will not be foolish. It is also a psychological obstacle for many owners who want to install a sun room. Today I will introduce several solutions to you and see which one is right for you.


1. Sun shade sunscreen and heat insulation

The sunshade curtain is the most common method of sunshade and heat insulation. It is to add a sun room sunshade curtain or metal roller blind outside the window, which can not only block ultraviolet rays and radiant heat, but also adjust the light to effectively reduce the indoor temperature.

2. Open skylights to ventilate and cool down

A skylight is installed on the top of the sun room, so that it can be used in conjunction with the window to generate convection, and the heat can be better discharged from the room.

3. Install water spray system to cool down

The water spray system installed in the sun room can take away a lot of heat to achieve the purpose of cooling down, and it can also clean the sun room, killing two birds with one stone.


4. Choose insulation materials

The frame of MEDO is made of thermal insulated aluminum profile and matched with hollow tempered glass, which can effectively block the intrusion of outdoor temperature and block ultraviolet and radiation.

 5. Install air conditioning and refrigeration

The last one is to install air conditioners. Of course, they must be used in conjunction with other methods, which will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


May you have a transparent and bright sun room,

In leisure time,

Holding a book, drinking a cup of tea,

Quietly empty yourself,

Watching the warm sunlight climb into the window,

Have a close contact with yourself...

Post time: Nov-18-2021